Collective Future

Experimental Film

Classroom Project

Role: Ideation, Scripting, Video and Sound


Duration: 3 Months (2017)

Team: Kris Madden, M.C. Smith

The juxtaposition of a metaphor, with what it represents, was explored via this project. This was mainly an exercise in representation and the use of sound and visuals, to create a unified whole that allows the user for suspension of disbelief.


Honeybees as a collective, composed of drone-like individuals, their reliance on order and structure was chosen as the visual. The audio spoke of technology and the collective future we face. The juxtaposition of the two created a powerful metaphor that spoke of the impending future, without directly referencing to the current conditions via visuals, in a powerful manner.


(Big Data - Internet - Ethernet - Technology * Honey Bee - Nature - Earth) = Collective Future



Ethernet - Honey Bee,

Webpage - Flowers,

Bee Hive - Data Center


Visuals: Video is generated by edited several clips found from an open source database. 

Audio: Audio consists of recorded computer sounds; edited and mixed.