Endurance - Performance Art

Glogauair, Berlin

Role: Research, Ideate, Propose (Galleries),

        Plan, Promote, Perform and Document

Duration: 2 Months (2015)


Endurance - Performance Art

Glogauair, Berlin


The phone, seems to have enslaved us, is a much-heard idea. But why is something so ‘detrimental’, so common? Through this six hour-long performance, I wanted to use my body as a subject of suffocation, inspired by endurance art. The individual immersed in technology, insulated from the immediate, dwells in another world. This individual is sometimes even insulated from his own self and potential. Even though the means of liberation, lie close by, they change nothing. The silent, but ever-present effects of immersion into technology, were dealt with in this performance.

Venue: Glogauair, Berlin.







The project was born under a simple thought; technology is aimed at making lives better. However, it might be making things worse in the realm of sleep through smartphone addiction. 


Several articles that elaborate on the disadvantages of over usage of phones:

1) Does Cell Phone Usage Cause Lack of Sleep? 

2) Bedroom and Phones.

3) Brain and Smartphones.

4) Sleep and Smartphone.


After researching about the disadvantages caused by cell phones I gained a clearer picture of what I wish to communicate. In order to conceptually exprss this thought, body art and endurance performance were ulitzed. Both of these forms blur the lines between inside and outside, a core concept working behind the project 'Disabled'. The aim was to convey how we humans are disabled by the over usage of technology, how we have become slaves to our cell phones and the virtual world. 




1) Marina Abramović

2) Chris Burden 

3 ) Allan Kaprow




























Performance Elements:


1) Body - Us, Humans, 

2) Tape - The network of Information/Data around us. As a broder picture its the addictive nature of technology. 

3) A garden scissor - The audience was kept near the body, to keep the audience in a dilemma if the audience is supposed to interrupt the performance or not. It was a solution to the problem of human getting addicted to technology; its only humans who can free themselves with the help of others from the technological addiction.



The black dots represent us, the grey geometry that limits them from moving out refers to the disability imposed by technology. 








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