Mobile App: Augmented Reality

Connected Future, Verizon

Role: Ideation, Wireframe, UX & Graphic Design

Duration: 3 Months (2017)

Team: Brandon Palmer, Jung Seung ho

*One of the two features of Palette: Visualizing food while being at the eatery.

Palette is a mobile application aimed to ease the food selection process by 3D visualizing the food using Augmented Reality.The app not only satisfies one's curiosity regarding new food but also provides them relevant insights. 


User can interact and view the 3D food visuals from any place including the eatery itself.  .


  The app is used by two audiences:

- Customers:  to visualize the food they want to order,

- Eateries: to make their food more accessible

- Eateries: To make they food more accessible to the customers    by uploading pictures in the database of the application. And

   the application then turns them in an interactive 3D AR model.


Three of us in the design team share diverse cultural background. We arrived NYC for the first time as part of our education. While each of us being curious and always exploring the city, we faced a common problem. Most of the time we end up in a eatery that looks great, but due to the cultural and language barrier we end up ordering food that we do not like or it does not match our expectation. 

That is when we as a team decided to cater to this issue. Also upon inquiring around, we found many people in similar situation. So we decide to build an application that allows customers to visualize and interact with the food using AR technology. And the plus point is it can be done while being at the restaurant or at any other location. So one may access the food before even going to the eatery.

The app is aimed to bridege the gap between customer and eatery owners, allowing room for more satisfaction and better bussiness.

Target Audience:




Traveling, visiting 

new countries and trying out new cuisines at variety of places.


"I wish to try different cuisines whenever I am traveling but I definitely need some   clarity about what will be served to me"

Local Customers


Customers who are always in a dilemma whether to try food at a new eatery or not, but ends up not trying due to lack of details and clarity.

"I like to all the details of food that I wish to order but asking the staff everytime is not the best solution "

Eatery Owner



Catering to diverse audience and their needs.

Making the food experience most pleasurable and memorable. 

"I want more audience to try our new food that we cook by mixing and matching different dishes"



Open App

Get access to Palette.

Sign up as a customer. 


The customer either can scan the AR code while being at the eatery or they can look up the eatery and its menu while being at any other location.

Explore in AR


Once they select

the food item in the menu, they can explore it by viewing it in 360 using 

Augmented Reality.

After getting all insights of the food, the customer

can place an order. 

Eatery Owner:

Open App

Get access to Palette.

Sign up as a eatery owner.


The eatery profile opens up. The profile may have details like the short bio, food details, menu, 

timing, price, etc.

Edit Profile

The owner can edit their profile; they can add more food items, pictures of the food and other details like ingredients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


The updated menu can be used by the customers to explore the food items.

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